Larmer Tree Festival 2021 News

September 09, 2020
Saturday Atmos GP 17 2

Dear Larmers,

2020 has been hard on us all and although 2021 looks brighter, we know that it will still be a year of uncertainty full of challenges for the live events industry and society as a whole. It is with that in mind we have taken the difficult decision not to host Larmer Tree Festival in 2021.

Whilst we’re optimistic that there will be events happening next year, we know that the level of risk will be higher than normal and unfortunately it’s not a risk we’re able to take. It’s an expensive business presenting a festival especially following the necessary cancellation of the 2020 festival, and we’ve decided on balance it would be best to take next year off.

Whilst we’re working on bringing Larmer Tree back in 2022, the financial ramifications of this prolonged period of inactivity sadly means unavoidable redundancies for the wonderful staff who make Larmer Tree happen for you all. Thank you for all your incredibly hard work over the years. Our hearts go out to all industry professionals affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

We wish all those events happening in 2021 the best of luck and hope that we all have a better Summer next year. Sorry that we cannot make Larmer Tree part of that.

Larmer Tree Festival Directors