Larmer Tree Festival takes place in the glorious Larmer Tree Gardens, nestled in the heart of the Cranborne Chase on the Wiltshire/Dorset border.  When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by our lovely stewards who’ll check your tickets and show you where you need to go.

Directions – 
Sat Nav will take you on a scenic route but in the wrong direction! Keep your journey simple by following our directed routes. Click here to download directions to the festival as a PDF.

Train –  Salisbury (Wiltshire) and Gillingham (Dorset)

Bus – Limited service to within two miles of the Festival.  Please check local providers for details. Leaving from Endless Street, Salisbury, (10-15 minute walk from the station), ask the driver to drop you at the Thickthorne Crossroads (between Cashmoor and Tarrant Hinton on the timetable) and walk from there (follow the Larmer Tree brown signs).

Taxi – A one-way fare from Salisbury during the day is around £40 – £50, costs will vary. Prices go up in the evening, and could be around £70 to get you back.
Local companies include:
Value Cars: 01722 505050
City Cabs: 01722 505055
All the Sevens: 01722 777777

Car Share – Save money, reduce your carbon footprint and have fun travelling with other festival-goers! Try gocarshare or

Arriving in your vehicle? Please have your vehicle pass clearly displayed on your dashboard when arrive.  This will make your arrival much smoother.

*Please arrive before 10.30pm, or we won’t be able to let you in.

Parking – There’s plenty of space for parking and it’s only a short walk to the Festival entrance. There are allocated parking areas for those camping in tents (for your safety we can’t allow cars to be driven into the campsite or parked next to tents). You’ll need either a Weekend or Day Car/Van pass to access the car parks (see below for live-in vehicles). Buy in advance to ensure you sail smoothly through. You can buy on site but it may take longer to get in and it’s more expensive. Please keep your parking pass safe as we can’t replace lost or damaged passes.

We wouldn’t be doing our best for the planet if we didn’t at least ask you to minimise the number of cars you bring, or better still, to consider lift-sharing.

Vans – Our definition of a Van is any vehicle adapted for sleeping in (including caravans, campervans, trailer tents and any other live-in vehicle you intend to sleep in, but excluding cars).

If you’re planning to stay in a live-in vehicle, you’ll need to buy either a Weekend or Day Van pass. Buy in advance (at the same time as your tickets) as there’s limited space available and we can’t guarantee access on arrival without it. This also applies to those hiring a caravan through one of our comfy camping providers.

Cars pulling caravans/trailer tents can be parked alongside them in the Van Field. You only need to buy the Van pass as this will cover parking for your car too.

Motorbikes – Motorbikes and bicycles don’t need a vehicle pass. Motorbikes are to be left in our car parks, you can use the Larmer Lock-up to store your bicycle or secure it to the bicycle rack near the Box Office.

Just coming for the day? – Buy a Day Car or Van pass and you’ll be directed to the Day Camping/Parking Field or Van Field.

Campsite transport
This year a colourful fleet of eco-friendly pedal-powered rickshaws and friendly riders will be at your disposal to assist you from car to campsite, and from campsite to festival. For a £10 suggested donation, travel in style to pitch up and kick back and let someone else do the hard work!