Green Larmer Tree

Green Larmer Tree

Green Larmer Tree

Green Larmer Tree

Nestled in the stunning Cranborne Chase, we’re proud to be part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a nationally protected landscape which is the sixth largest in the country. We are committed to taking care of this beautiful area which looks after us so well. 

This year we are very pleased to be partnering with Pic n Mix Festival Kit. Why not go plastic free and get your eco-friendly festival essentials in one handy bag? Check them out in advance on our website, pre-order to collect on arrival at the festival. 

Here’s what we’re doing with your help…


Last year, as part of the Drastic on Plastic campaign, we started to do our bit to eliminate single-use plastics wherever possible. Please help us by continuing to bring your own reusable cups, plates, cutlery, and bottles to use on site. This year we have taken another step and decided to stop using the cheaper plastic wrap that we post the programmes out in, and have replaced them with a starch-based material that breaks down in the environment. We have also stopped selling our merchandise in plastic wrap, and all our bars this year are using recycled cups, that will be recycled again after the festival.


We love working with Grist Environmental who help us recycle as much of the waste produced on site as possible. Any material that can’t be recycled is baled for waste energy production, so nothing goes to landfill. We take pride in achieving high levels of recycling, all you need to do is pop all your waste in the blue bins provided and Grist Environmental will sort what’s recyclable and what’s not.


You will not be able to buy single-use plastic bottles on site, but we do have water taps all around the festival.  So make use of your own water bottles to help the environment and save money. We also work in partnership with the brilliant FRANK Water, the safe water and sanitation charity. Purchase a refillable water bottle or FRANK Water wristband from the FRANK team and receive unlimited refills of filtered, chilled water from the refill points.


We love local and always encourage the use of local produce where possible. All our catering outlets use biodegradable trays, wooden cutlery and paper plates, and are also committed to eliminating single-use plastic.


If you can use public transport please hop on a bus or make use of Salisbury Railway Station. If you have spare space in your car or wish to leave your car at home, sign up to, or and check the Info Tent at the festival for lift requests. We use local suppliers and contractors where possible to reduce our carbon footprint.


The resident peacocks, macaws, and plants are looked after carefully throughout the festival, and we work hard to return the Gardens and fields to their original condition after our stay. You can help us by conserving water (no paddling pools and water bombs/balloons allowed), not using Chinese lanterns, supporting our no glass or single-use plastic policy, taking your waste and camping equipment (including tent pegs) home, and by enjoying our award-winning loos, rather than polluting the great outdoors.