Metaphorical Birds

Metaphorical Birds

With Rosie Carnall & Bee Jasko of Rehash Panache

The Words

If you head down to The Wilds don’t forget to take your big, beautiful imagination with you. Join Rosie to create poetry about all the woodland’s feathered friends and write your masterpiece onto beautiful coloured ribbons. This is the first stage of “Metaphorical Birds” a collaboration between Rosie & Bee which will combine your words with a flock of birds made from upcycled, recycled materials.

The Flock

Join Bee and Rosie and recycle waste materials to create a stunning flock of birds which will take flight into the festival as the weekend progresses! The birds will be displaying their ribbon feathers, filled with poetry written by festival goers.

Ideal for all ages

Thurs, Fri