How Does This Politics Thing Work Then?

How Does This Politics Thing Work Then?

With Tatton Spiller & Tiernan Douieb

Politics is boring. Politics is complicated. Politics is for adults.

Rubbish! Politics is actually super important and can be made really fun, if you know how. Luckily Tatton Spiller (Simple Politics) and Tiernan Douieb (Comedy Club 4 Kids, CBBC’s The Slammer) know exactly how and will show you in 60 minutes just how to make sense of it all.

You might not be able to vote yet but you do have opinions, though. You know the world you want to see. You know what’s right and what’s wrong. Also, you want to have fun so join us for a show that will keep you entertained, engaged and informed so you can shout at the telly along with your parents during Question Time!

Ideal for ages 6+

Sun | The Social | 1pm