Dick Danger

Dick Danger

Dad Dancer

Dick Danger dances like no-one is watching….and it’s possible that those who are actually watching wish they weren’t. You will witness the world’s loudest juggling routine, groan at the world’s cheesiest gags and marvel as he attempts to ascend the precarious chair stack to balance on his hands high above the ground.

Dick Danger attempts the impossible using skill, charm and a selection of his grooviest dance moves.

Dick Danger Show

The Dick Danger Show should have a public health warning attached to it. How can one man be so stupid? Dick hasn’t a clue but he is prepared to find out how close to physical injury he can get without actually hurting himself.

A comic circus-style show involving an oral B toothbrush, dad dancing in very tight trousers and Dick’s signature trick, diving from a very high pole into a bucket of (mineral) water. Not to forget the outrageously skillful pole-dancing! Expect to feel really sensible after seeing this show.