Holistic Workshops

Holistic Workshops

African Folk Song And Movement
With Jenny Newman, Perfect Sound

Come and learn these simple songs and harmonies from across Africa. Jenny from Perfect Sound has worked as a qualified musician and sound healer for many years and she’s here to run this African folk workshop with percussion, movement and song. Any Djembe players are welcome to come along and play!

Artfulness for Children & Young People

With Holly Gatrell, Artfulness Holly Gatrell

Artfulness mixes mindfulness meditation & artistic practices. Using colour and art media allows us to just express and lose ourselves in the moment, this is when we lose track of time and space and reach our ‘Flow State’ get a sense of achievement and relaxation.

Gong Bath the Shamanic Way
With Sarah Lownds, Sarpenela Natural Therapies Centre

Let Sarah take you on a journey of deep relaxation, meditation and healing. Bathing you in sound vibrations of the gongs and shamanic percussion including therapeutic chimes, the shamanic drum and rattles. Experience the power of sound, immerse yourself within it and let it wash over and flow through you, helping you to re-balance, re-energise your mind, body and spirit. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start to get comfy and settle into your space. Please bring something to lie on, a cushion or blanket.

Harness Your Superpower
With Nathalie Kealy, Value Your Mind

Burn away negativity & embrace the power of you!

We all have a super power but most of us can end up going our whole lives without connecting to it. This yoga session is about letting go and embracing our super qualities. Through specific breathing techniques, kriyas and yoga poses, Nathalie will support you in boosting your confidence and rejuvenating your energy.

A Plant Walk
With Marcus Christo, Travelling Homeopaths Collective

Join us on a gentle stroll around the grounds of The Larmer Tree and see the plant world of homoeopathy come alive. Get to know their qualities and personalities and how they can help you in everyday ailments.

Meet at the Travelling Homeopaths Tent in The Village

ITP Workshop with Group Mandala

With Jenny Newman, Perfect Sound

A wellness workshop focusing on Integral Transformative Practice (ITP). Using Breathing, Movement and Sound mantra we will work as a group to explore human potential together celebrating the life we’ve been given by transforming body, mind, heart and spirit. We will also create a group Mandala – the mandala’s renowned as an art therapy for healing and sharing, personal reflection and unity. Please bring a yoga mat and pillow or blanket.

Kundalini Dance
With Sarah Lownds and the Shamanic Collective, Sarpenela Natural Therapies Centre

Meditation can be fun, lift our spirits, bringing us to a place of peace and enlightenment. This meditation activates the kundalini energy by unlocking energy from the base chakra. This dance meditation relieves tension and energises, freeing suppression, freeing you from a runaway mind and connects you to your core.

This is a journey of shaking and dancing, moving into stillness and silence.

Laughter Yoga
With Anetta Panczel, Positivity Within

Laughter is the best medicine! Come & share your giggles with us in this workshop which uses laughter as an exercise… but beware – laughter is contagious! Connect with people & with your childlike playfulness through fun creative games, finishing with a lying down relaxation.

Practicing Mindfulness
With Sharon Bull, touchenergy

Press the pause button as we practice slowing down through meditation, gentle movement and breathing techniques. Mindfulness is proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain management whilst improving creativity, health & wellbeing and the good news is you can feel the benefits in just a few minutes a day!

Pregnancy Yoga
With Tracy Holman, TH Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga class for any trimester.

This supportive and inspiring class offers techniques to provide a joy filled journey into motherhood. Using the breath to find some stillness and focus, gentle yoga sequences will help to support your changing body and keep it strong as you deeply connect with your growing baby.

Wild Plant Tea Ceremony
With Sarah Lambourne, Earth Wisps

Sarah Lambourne is a Folk Herbalist, who is extremely passionate about reconnecting people with the Earth and the magic of wild plants. In this workshop she will introduce the nature of the plants and how they can support us back to wholeness. Experience a tea ceremony; meeting the spirit of a plant through drinking the tea and meditation.  The plant will be a seasonal plant such as rose, honeysuckle, elder, a natively grown, gentle plant.

Sarah looks forward to welcoming you on this new exploration of our natural world.

Limited places available – please bring a teacup!

The Shamanic Spirit Trance Dance
With Sarah Lownds and the Shamanic Collective, Sarpenela Natural Therapies Centre

This transformational dance re-connects you to your physical body by exploring movement. Dancing to dynamic rhythms will journey you to the higher and lower worlds, connecting you to Mother Earth and your own Sanctuary. Dance and express the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The music, the sound, the dance will awaken your spirit, bring mental clarity and emotional well-being. Healing and food for your soul!