13th-17th July 2016 Larmer Tree Gardens, nr Salisbury, on the Wiltshire/Dorset borderi



When you contact us with a question we’ll always come back to you as soon as possible, but you may just be able to find the answer yourself.

Browse our frequently asked questions, which we’ll be updating with lots more useful information between now and Larmer Tree 2015.

***Below is mostly 2015 information, we’ll be updating our website with all the latest on Larmer Tree 2016 soon*** (how exciting!)

Opening Times
Line-up Info
Travel & Arrival
Camping & Accommodation


How can I get Larmer Tree 2016 tickets?
Pre-registration for 2016 super early-bird tickets closes 4.30pm on Saturday 28th November over on our ‘Tickets’ page.  If you’ve pre-registered you’ll be sent a unique code to use to get these beauties, but it’s first come, first served and tickets are limited.

When do 2015 tickets go on sale?
7-day (holiday), 5-day, 4-day, 3-day and day tickets are on sale now!

How can I buy 2015 tickets?
You can buy tickets online here, over the phone on 023 8071 1820, by post, or in person at the box office (Mayflower Theatre, Commercial Road, Southampton SO15 1GE).

Are there booking fees?
This year, rather than a booking fee per ticket, there is a single £2.50 charge per transaction (not per ticket) for bookings made online, in person or by telephone whether paid in cash or by card. So make sure you book your festival programmes and vehicle passes with your tickets, so you only pay this once!

Can I spread the cost of buying my ticket?   SORRY, SOLD OUT!
We’re introducing the deposit scheme for 2015 as an affordable, accessible way to secure your tickets and make your payments manageable. Book your tier one tickets and make the first payment of just one third of the total cost of your tickets plus a £10 admin fee.  Then save for the second payment of the remaining two thirds which must be paid over the phone (and by the same person) anytime up until 8.30pm Thursday 30th April 2015. Find full details of the scheme here.

What are these tiers all about?
We’re using a tiered ticket price structure again this year. We’ve always wanted to reward our loyal Larmer Tree festival goers who buy extra early (even before we’ve announced the line-up!) So by introducing this we feel we have done exactly that!

Tier one tickets go on sale at an extra-special price. Once these have sold out, we will move to tier two, then tier three, four and, finally, tier five.

How do e-tickets work?
For the second year running, we are using e-tickets – no more lost tickets or leaving them at home, plus it’s kinder to the environment too! All tickets and passes will be e-mailed you to print-at-home, so no postage costs apply.

Do I need to buy a parking pass as well as my ticket?
Yes, you will need to buy either a car parking pass or a van parking pass that is specific to the day of your arrival, or to cover the length of your stay (multi-day parking).
A day parking pass is valid for the same duration as a day ticket (i.e. from 9am on your arrival day to 11am the next morning), and so will cover you for an overnight stay!
Where possible, you should buy your parking pass at the same time as your tickets (to avoid a second transaction fee). It is cheaper to buy a multi-day pass if you are staying 2+ days (with a car) or 3+ days (with a van).

When will I receive my tickets?
You should receive a booking confirmation via e-mail within 20 minutes or so of booking your tickets. This is proof of your purchase and must be kept safe. You should then receive a separate e-mail with your e-tickets and passes attached as a PDF shortly after.

I can’t find or haven’t received my tickets – what should I do?
The tickets email will be sent by our box office, Out & About, within a few minutes of your booking. If you can’t find the email, first please check your junk mail folder before contacting the box office on 023 8071 1820, and they will re-send for you.

I can’t use the tickets I’ve bought, can I get a refund?
I’m afraid we can’t refund or resell tickets that can no longer be used.

Can I sell or buy tickets through a third party?
We strongly advise you to always book tickets directly through us (as we’ll look after you). If you can no longer make it to the festival, we’d suggest that you try to sell your spare tickets onto family or friends. They’ll need the e-ticket or a printed copy – and make sure you give them the spare ticket and not one you still need, as tickets will be scanned on arrival and can only be used once!

Does my child need a ticket?
Yes. Under 5s go free but from this year you’ll need to book a ticket for them.  You’ll need to buy a child’s ticket for those aged 5-10 and a youth ticket for those aged 11-17. All under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. Please make sure you purchase child/youth and adult tickets together as we can’t allow online sales of child or youth tickets only. To ensure youths are properly supervised at the festival a maximum of two youth tickets may be bought per adult. Please contact the box office if you need to purchase more than this.

Will you be operating the same system for carer’s tickets this year?
We are pleased to be offering carer tickets again this year, but we will be operating a slightly different booking process. If you’re eligible and would like a carer’s ticket, you should book and pay for your own ticket first (along with any others in your group). You can do this through our box office online, over the phone on 023 8071 1820 or in person. When booking your ticket, please indicate that you’d like a carer’s ticket (explained below).

Whilst you are booking your tickets, you will be reminded about booking a programme or vehicle pass. At the bottom of that page is a link for you to make an Additional needs request. Just click on this link and add a number into the box. This will flag up with the box office to pass us your details. We’ll then contact you sometime in March for proof of your eligibility, and to find out about any other access requirements you may have. Once we’ve received the details from you, we’ll be able to issue your free carer’s ticket and your specific pass for disabled camping and/or parking.

Opening Times

When does everything open?

Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th July
Comfy Camping for Holiday ticket holders, opens 11am Monday and 9am Tuesday.

Tuesday 14th July
General Campsites & Festival (Village) opens at 3pm, Gardens open 6pm.
Comfy Camping for Holiday ticket holders and those booked in for Comfy Camping, opens 9am.

Wednesday 15th July
General Campsites & Festival (Village) opens 3pm, Gardens open 6pm.
Comfy Camping for Holiday ticket holders and those booked in for Comfy Camping, opens 9am.

Thursday 16th July-Sunday 19th July
All Campsites & Festival (Village & Gardens) opens 9am.

The Box Office and Wristband Exchange close at 10.30pm each night, so make sure you get to us before then on the day your ticket is valid from, or you’ll have to bunk up with the macaws.

Line-up Info

Who’s playing?
See our Line Up pages for the latest news, or sign up to our Mailing List to be the first to hear.

What time does the music finish?
You can dance your socks off until midnight on Tuesday 14th, 2am on Wednesday and 4am Thursday-Sunday.

When do the workshops start and do I have to book/pay?
All workshops are FREE and are filled on a first come first served basis.  The full workshop programme begins on Friday at 10am, but there’s bits and bobs going on from 2pm on Thursday to get your creative juices flowin!

Where and when can I get a programme?
Order your programme in advance when you book your tickets and it’ll be sent to you separately (towards the end of June).  Not to worry if you don’t, you’ll be able to pick one up from the Info Tent when you get to the festival. Programmes are £7.00 (inc p&p) in advance or £6.00 at the festival. 

Travel & Arrival

How to get here and what to do when you arrive.  See our Travel & Arrival page for directions to the festival and more detailed info.

Can I have the postcode for the festival to use Sat Nav?
Take our word for it; SatNav will take you in completely the wrong direction!  Save yourself the stress and help us keep our neighbours happy, by following the directed route and signs.

Which parking pass do I need?
You’ll need to buy the appropriate parking pass in advance when you’re buying your tickets. Cars pulling caravans/trailer tents won’t need a parking pass.  If you’re travelling by motorbike, you won’t need a parking pass.

I forgot to buy my parking pass with my tickets, what should I do?
If you need further parking passes then you can order these separately online or by calling our box office on 023 8071 1820.

Where can I park my car?
There is plenty of space for parking on site and it’s not more than a five/ten minute walk to the festival entrance, no mile-long trek to the campsite!

Can I take my car into the campsite and/or park by my tent?
‘Fraid not, sorry.  For everyone’s safety we can’t allow any cars into the campsites. It’s only a short walk from the car park, and there will be trolleys for hire to help you unload and pack up your gear. If you’re bringing a live-in vehicle such as a caravan or trailer tent, you’ll be able to park your car on your pitch.

Where’s the nearest train station?
Salisbury is the closest (NR enquiries 08457 484950 or www.nationalrail.co.uk).

When can I arrive at the campsite?
Comfy Camping – open from 11am Monday 13th July (with a Holiday ticket).
All Campsites – open from 3pm Wednesday, and 9am from Thursday-Sunday.

Please only turn up the day your ticket is valid from, not the night before.

What’s the latest time I can arrive at the festival?
The Box Office and Wristband Exchange close at 10.30pm each evening, so make sure you get to us before then. Once you’ve got your wristband you can come and go as you please.

Camping & Accommodation

Are there different areas in the campsites?
There’s a campsite to suit everyone… Quiet Camping, Family Camping, General Camping, Disabled Camping, Day Camping, and the Van Field.  They pretty much do exactly what they say on the tin, but you can take a look at our Camping Info page for more details. There’s also our Comfy Campsite for everyone who’s bought a Holiday ticket or are booked in with one of the Comfy Camping options.

Is there a special area for caravans, campervans and trailer tents?
Yes, our Van Field is especially for caravans, campervans, trailer tents and live-in vehicles and has hot showers, toilets, Elsan disposal and the Larmer Express to take you the five minute walk to and from the festival entrance.  If you’ve booked a Holiday ticket and are bringing a live-in vehicle, then you’ll be directed to Comfy Camping.

Do I need to book a place for my caravan/campervan?
You’ll need the appropriate van pass to guarantee a space. You’ll need to buy this in advance as there’s limited space available and we can’t guarantee you access on arrival without the appropriate pass.

Are there electric hook ups for caravans/campervans?
Our beautiful festival site and camping is gardens and countryside for the rest of the year, so there are no electric hook up points. Find out more about the facilities on offer in all our campsites here.

Can we pitch a tent next to a caravan/campervan?
Yep!  There’s space for one or two small tents for your family and friends.

Can we join the fun in Comfy Camping without a Holiday Ticket?
Sorry, this campsite is reserved for those with Holiday Tickets and those who have booked accommodation with one of our Comfy Camping partners.  We’ve got some great Comfy Camping options this year, so get involved!

Can I camp if I have a day ticket?
You certainly can, until 11am the following morning!  The Day Camping/Parking field is ideal if you’re in need of an easy place to set up camp for the night.  You can still camp elsewhere if you’d prefer, although you’ll have to park your car in Day Parking.

What are the campsites like?
Bloomin’ lovely, even if we do say so ourselves! It’s happy camping all the way, with our award winning toilets, free hot showers, ample water points, café, shops and 24-hour security. Comfy Camping (Holiday Ticket holders and those booked in for Comfy Camping) has some great added facilities including its own car park, plus café and campfire.

Can I hire a tent or caravan?
Absolutely! Why not treat yourself to one of the Comfy Camping options available to hire.  They come in different sizes, so you could fit the whole family in without the need to spend hours putting up your own tent!

Someone else is delivering my caravan, what do I need to do?
You’ll need to bring your van pass with you, not the person delivering the caravan (contact the festival office in advance on 01725 552300 or e-mail info@larmertreefestival.co.uk to let us know about this arrangement). If you’re hiring a caravan you’ll also need to buy the appropriate van pass with your tickets and bring this with you.

If I’m just bringing my campervan for the day, do I still need a van pass?
You can camp in the Day Camping/Parking field for one night and will need a day van pass to camp here. Buy this in advance with your tickets. The stewards will check your tickets on arrival and show you where to set up camp.

How far is it to walk from the campsite?
Although all campsites are very close to the festival, The Larmer Express is back again to help save your legs! This to-and-from campsite shuttle service is free, but donations for our chosen charities are welcome!

Are there any B&Bs or hotels nearby?
Early booking is advised, as local accommodation is limited.  Please call one of these Tourist Information Centres – Salisbury (01722 342860), Shaftesbury (01747 853514) or Blandford (01258 454770).  Or use the website links below:


Check out Dorset Cottage Holidays website www.dhcottages.co.uk for handpicked self-catering holiday cottages in Dorset.

Not found what you’re looking for in this section?  Head to our Camping Info page for lots more useful bits on camping at the festival…


What are the facilities like for people with disabilities?
Our friendly and helpful stewards will do everything they can to help you enjoy the festival.  We provide adapted toilets, a viewing platform for wheelchair users or those that can’t stand for long and a dedicated parking and camping area for those with disabilities.

How do I book a space in the disabled parking and camping area?
Click here for more info on how to book up your space.  Parking and van passes for the disabled parking and camping area definitely need to be purchased in advance as spaces are limited.

Can I have a campfire or BBQ?
Gas or Charcoal burning BBQs are OK, disposable BBQs are not (they are an extreme fire risk).  We hate to smother your bonfire, but we have to say a BIG NO to open fires, candles and Chinese lanterns. Don’t change gas canisters in your tent or use inside your caravan – leave the pyrotechnics to us thanks.

Can I bring alcohol?
Yes, you can bring a tipple to have in the campsite, but in the campsite it must stay.  You won’t be able to bring any alcohol (or glass) into the festival.  There will be four well-stocked bars within the festival site.  All bars operate a Challenge 21 policy so if you’re lucky enough to look under 21, make sure you bring ID.

Can I bring my pet?
We can’t allow pets of any kind onto the site (except Assistance Dogs), so leave the budgie with a trusted neighbour and book the pooch a holiday at the kennels.

Will there be medical support on site for emergencies?
A team of paramedics and first aiders will be on site during the whole festival, but they don’t keep prescription medication so make sure you bring your own supply for the festival.

Are there ever any thefts at the festival?
We have a professional security company on duty 24-hours a day making sure you are looked after in the best possible way, yet inevitably there are sometimes thefts reported. Read the advice in our Security page and help to keep the festival secure and protect yourself.

Where can I smoke at the festival?
Most of the festival is outside, so if you do like a puff, you shouldn’t have much of a problem.  We’re not immune to the law though, so you can’t smoke in any of the buildings and marquees at the festival – please respect the no smoking signs.

Can I buy my regular newspaper anywhere?
There’ll be a shop in the campsite where you can buy your paper and other essentials such as milk and bread.

Is there a cash machine?
Yes, there will be a cash machine on-site, which will make a small charge per transaction. Please avoid bringing large amounts of cash and valuables with you, there are no prizes for being flash!

What is mobile phone/3G network coverage like in the campsite?
Phone reception is pretty good at the Larmer Tree Gardens, but will depend on your network.  Mobile internet signal can be fairly patchy, so it’s probably best to check with your service provider before coming if you can’t leave those e-mails behind.

Will there be any charging facilities on site?
Yes, you will be able to charge everything from a mobile phone to a wheelchair battery at the Larmer Lockup – for a donation to Friends of the Earth.

Will there be electrical sockets for hair driers etc?
No, because we’ve always thought you look beautiful ‘au naturel’!

Do you recycle any of the rubbish?
Yes we do and we were given a Greener Festival Award in 2012 and 2013!  See our Green Larmer Tree page for more info.

If we haven’t quite answered your question here or you need more information please call the festival office on 01725 552300 or e-mail info@larmertreefestival.co.uk.