The Site
The Festival takes place in and around the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens. Much of the gardens are lawns with some gravel paths between different areas. The main entrance and campsites are in fields next to the Gardens. There are no steps, but there are some gentle slopes. We lay hard standing and tracks from the accessible campsite and car park to the Festival Village, but access around the Festival can be challenging in extreme weather.

The distance from the accessible parking and camping area (available from Thursday at 3pm) to the Festival Village entrance, wristband exchange and charging area is about 100m, and to the Main Stage is about 600m. Other campsites are slightly further away. There’s no vehicle movement allowed in the general campsites and cars must be parked in the designated parking area.

Tickets for Personal Assistants/Carers

We offer a free ticket for a Personal Assistant accompanying someone who is registered disabled. Personal Assistant (PA) tickets and accessible facilities are primarily for those who are registered disabled, so you’re automatically eligible if you can provide a copy of your Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payment or Access Card (for a personal assistant ticket) or Blue Badge (for accessible camping or parking). You need to call our ticket agents The Ticketsellers on 0121 472 6688 to buy your ticket and vehicle pass, and to request a free PA ticket, or to arrange accessible camping or parking.  The Larmer Tree Team will then be in touch at a later date to discuss details of what you require.

You will need to be able to provide evidence (as listed above) on arrival at the Festival entrance.  If you are not able to provide this, you may be denied entry to the Festival. You can also obtain a complimentary PA ticket on the gate if you arrive with someone who is registered disabled, and has a valid ticket. Again, we will need you to provide appropriate evidence.

Accessible Camping and Parking

We have a designated parking and camping area where space can be booked in advance by those who need to be nearer to the Festival entrance or require power for specialist medical equipment. Accessible camping and parking places must be arranged in advance and may be limited, so please let us know as soon as you can.

Disabled People who are non-registered

Our accessible facilities are primarily for those who are registered disabled (see details above). Whilst short term illnesses, recent injuries and pregnant women do not qualify, wherever possible we will do our best to make sure everyone’s Festival is as enjoyable (and comfortable) as possible. If you can’t provide the evidence listed above, you’ll be asked for alternative information to support your request and we’ll review every application on a case by case and availability basis.

Accessible toilets and showers

There are wheelchair/easy access toilets and showers next to the accessible campsite.  There are also accessible toilets in the Festival Village and near the viewing platform on the Main Lawn.

Viewing platform and chairs
There is an accessible viewing platform on the Main Lawn. Space is limited, and we try to make this available for those in most need – our stewards will be available to help. You don’t need to book to use the viewing platform. We also allow space around the edges of the Main Lawn for chairs.

Contact details for all access enquiries
If you have any questions, please contact Briony in the Festival Office by email or on 01725 552 300. PLEASE NOTE: Once we’re on-site (from 9th July) we’re very busy. So contact The Ticketsellers first on 0121 472 6688, but feel free to email and we’ll do our best to get back to you. Please title the email ‘Access Request For Attention of Briony’

Your arrival
Our dedicated accessible campsite and car park will be open from 3pm on Thursday. Please display your pass on your dashboard, this will help our stewards direct you. All our stewards are available to provide support and information. Just make sure you remember to bring your tickets and vehicle passes with you.

Medical services

The medical area is next to Wristband Exchange, near the accessible campsite and car park. A team of paramedics and first aiders are on site during the Festival. There’s a fridge available for storing medication.


Assistance dogs
Assistance dogs that are registered with an organisation that is a member of Assistance Dogs UK are welcome at the Festival (we’re being specific, because other furry friends are not). Let us know if you need to bring an assistance dog by emailing

Strobe lighting
Laser, strobe and other lighting effects may be in use during the Festival. If we know in advance that an artist’s set will contain strobe lighting we’ll try to include a note on their line-up page on the website. At the Festival, a sign will go up at the entrance to the stage or area.

If you would like a larger print PDF version of all our access information then please click here to download.