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The Garden Stage

Set foot onto the luscious green Main Lawn to admire the iconic open air Garden Stage. This stunning Singing Theatre dates back to 1895 and has become a symbol of Larmer Tree Festival keeping entertainment alive in the beautiful Victorian pleasure Gardens.

Let us take you back in time for a moment, back to when plays were performed by workers from the estate, poetry recitals would ring through the air, and a band always played on Sunday afternoons during the summer to General Pitt Rivers and his guests, from what was then known as the Singing Theatre.

Thousands of Vauxhall lights, stunning hanging glass lamps lit by candles, would illuminate the Gardens in the evenings for open-air dancing. Thomas Hardy was a guest and after one such evening, and a dance with Pitt River’s daughter Agnes in 1895, he described the gardens as “Quite the prettiest sight I ever saw in my life”.

Today we still keep the tradition of music and dancing alive in the Gardens, and seeing everyone dancing in front of the Garden Stage, we don’t think we’ve ever seen such a pretty sight either.

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