Children come for FREE!

Children come for FREE!

Under 10s tickets for Larmer Tree Festival 2016 are FREE! That’s right, completely free, and youth ticket prices will be frozen across all tiers.

We listened to your feedback in the 2015 Audience Poll and realised that for you, Larmer families, Larmer Tree Festival can be your main holiday, but with rising prices everywhere else you’re struggling to all afford tickets. We’d hate for you and your little Larmers to miss out, so if you have children under ten years old, they come for free to Larmer Tree (which also rhymes!).

Those of you with slightly older children, including teenagers, we haven’t forgotten you; there’s good news for you too. The prices for youth tickets (eleven to seventeen year olds) will stay at the same price across all tiers, so will never rise from the price you’ll see on our ticket pages now.

We don’t want you to worry, the variety and amount of what we programme for children will still be that same high-quality that you’re use to at Larmer Tree Festival, with plenty to entertain all ages, it’s certainly not the Larmer Tree way to scrimp in any area!

So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends, your family, even the cat if you want to, shout the good news from the rooftops… but make sure you buy your tickets now!

Larmer Tree Festival 2016 really is the perfect family getaway…