Bringing the thrill of The Chase to Larmer Tree

Bringing the thrill of The Chase to Larmer Tree

Brand new venue The Chase has been one of Larmer Tree’s most exciting innovations this year, and it needed quirky, heartfelt decor to match its eclectic musical menu – that’s where permaculturist and plant artist Claude Oprea came in. Drawing inspiration from the Cranborne Chase with its varied plant life and bringing his own philosophy and knowledge to the mix he created something truly beautiful and unique.

The result was a mixed medium installation, featuring air plants, orchids, mosses and local flora, alongside William Morris prints and original paintings of indigenous lichens and heather by emerging artist Nicholas Waters. As Claude explains, his mission is to “connect people with plants and nature”, writing “a better story[…] One filled with hope and beauty and togetherness.”

800 The Chase decor

It’s the perfect way of celebrating a venue that connects Larmer Tree Festival-goers with emerging artists. Programmed by Matt Aitken and Todd Wills of Bristol’s Colston Hall, The Chase is dedicated to exploring the hottest new music and, in Todd’s words “giving Larmer Tree Festival-goers an exclusive chance to see acts in an intimate setting before they hit the big time.”

Highlights this year included a performance by Quantic Live which people were raving about for the rest of the festival, and a feel-good set by Kanda Bongo Man, as well as a well-deserved spot for LTBMA winners Coosbay.