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Sweet Memory Sounds – Count Skylarkin presents a tribute to DJ Derek

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    The Hide

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DJ Derek was a Larmer Tree Festival institution, and we were greatly saddened that he passed away earlier this year. His close friend and fellow DJ Count Skylarkin has spent the past months browsing through Derek’s legendary collection of reggae, ska, soul, rhythm & blues and calypso, and will be dipping into those famous Sweet Memory Sounds to close this year’s festival, just as Derek himself did so many times.

The Count tells us why DJ Derek meant so much to him personally, “To say that Derek made the world a better place sounds trite but it’s true. You left your cynicism at the door when you went to see Derek play and you got back pure love instead. Music as a catalyst for joy and companionship. Music as a force for good. Bringing people together. For The Good Times. He was the antidote to an industry that strives to take itself too seriously – simple, straightforward, playing the music he loved, giving the people what they want to hear. An old-fashioned gentleman, with a streak of mischief. I was honoured to count him as a dear friend, and I can’t wait to share these tunes and sweet memories with you at
Larmer Tree”

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