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Sam Simmons

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Sam Simmons is one of the most daring and unconventional comics out there. 2015 was a highly successful year for him – he’s the only comic to win the top comedy awards in the UK and Australia in the same year.  His show Spaghetti for Breakfast won the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy award and the Barry Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Completely original and vastly absurd, he has one foot firmly planted into the soils of reality, and the other rooted deep into the psyche of being silly. He has written and starred in his own series of Channel 4 BLAPS and is the creator and star of Problems, ABC Australia, which also aired on Dave in the UK. Strap in and prepare yourselves for a treat on Sunday night!

“If you can imagine someone combining the rage of Basil Fawlty with the lunacy of Spike Milligan you are getting somewhere close to Simmons” The Evening Standard.

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