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Paul Foot

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What can we say about Paul Foot apart from the fact that we’ve broken our own rules about repeating acts too soon, because we just love him and can’t resist sharing his amazing talent with you again!?  He studied mathematics at Oxford, with the intention of becoming an accountant, but luckily for the world of comedy, that didn’t work out. We are going to let these reviewers sum him up for us…

“Quite simply, he is mind blowing, so if you fancy your mind being blown Paul Foot is one of the few comedians working today who can do it for you” Daily Mirror.

“Rarely, if ever, has this reviewer seen an audience laugh as hysterically hard or long” The Scotsman.

“Simply the best comedian I have ever seen – and the most difficult to describe” Melbourne Age.

“The missing link between Ross Noble and Frankie Howerd” London Evening Standard.

“Choice silliness which no other comic could deliver anywhere near as effectively” Time Out.

“He’s a comedy whirlwind from the school of Spike Milligan… it’s risky to call someone unique, but Foot is certainly pretty close” Three Weeks.

Need we say more?  Just make sure you are in the ARC on Saturday night, you owe it to yourself not to miss this man.

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