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Living Spit

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“World-class actors at the top of their game” The Fine Times. After their huge success at Larmer last year we’re welcoming back Living Spit, who’ll be bringing literature to life with a unique spin on a classic fable.

Get ready for Bacon Construction, three builder brothers with a line in exclusive dwellings of traditional construction, straw, wood and brick. There’s an exciting new development, which’ll be on a green field site on the outskirts of “Little-Muckle-in-the-Wold”. However, the locals aren’t so sure. One day there’s a visit from the planning inspector , Miss Wolf…

Sound familiar?! Told entirely in rhyme and song and suitable for 12 years and up, Living Spit’s The Fabulous Bacon Boys promises to be a grown up fairy tale you’ll never forget, with more porcine puns, lupine laughs and more rural rumbunctiousness than you can shake a stick, straw or brick at!

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