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Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals

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Get ready for a rock ‘n’ roll theatre extravaganza! Follow gorilla, bear, hedgehog and badger as they make friends, cause mischief, contemplate the world and finally rock out at the grand dance contest. This lively and extremely entertaining show contains a unique mix of live music, theatre, comedy and animation. The tracks include the addictive A Bear On A Boat In The Bath, Doing a Poo in the Forest, and Getting To The Good Bit. Prepare to see Kid Carpet, who’s internationally known for his unique brand of electro-pop-punk, using lo-fi technological wizardry to turn plastic toys into punk-rock superstars.

“I defy anyone of any age not to be up and grooving to Kid Carpet and the Noisy Animals. Just go see it!”
Guide 2 Bristol.

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