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Ethan Johns & The Black Eyed Dogs

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Award-winning producer Ethan Johns is renowned for the vividness and purity of his productions with the likes of Tom Jones, Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne, Laura Marling and Paul McCartney. This incredibly accomplished musician, on a variety of instruments, first surfaced as the drummer/guitar player with Crosby, Stills and Nash and then as a guitarist in Emmylou Harris’ band. He played all lead guitars, drums, bass and piano on LaMontagne’s 2004 breakthrough debut album, Trouble, for example, while handling varied instrumental duties on the various Ryan Adams’ LPs he’s worked on. More recently, Ethan’s talents as a songwriter and performer have been revealed through his belated entry into the artist arena. “I feel like I’ve joined the two ends of the circle together, exercising every aspect of what I do, and it’s allowing me to progress as a writer and as a musician.”

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