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Dress-Up Saturday

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Once upon a time at Larmer Tree the festival-goers voted for what they wanted to wear on Saturday…

2016’s official dress-up theme, as chosen by you, is Fairy Tales and Fantasy! Grab your goblins, don your dwarves, pick your princesses, mould into a mermaid, create a creature… become the stuff of legends, myths and fairy stories, it’ll be enchanting.

Start planning that magical outfit now and make sure you turn up for the official photo call, 5pm in the Flag Circle. We can’t wait to see you!

Dress-up Saturdays gone-by…

2015 Silver Saturday
In honour of our 25th year we were dazzled by sequins and silvery splendour everywhere we turned.
2014 Four corners of the World
Sombrero-sporting Mexico, grass Skirt-shimmying Hawaii, chic streets of Paris, beer-swilling Munich Oktoberfest… The World’s full of colourful and crazy personalities.
2013 Sat-hatter-day!
Everyone’s heads were adorned whether by everyday hats or the extraordinary creations.
2012 All At Sea
Beautiful creatures normally found at sea came to shore to create waves at the festival.
2011 ’50s Retro Revival
Polka dots, leathers and quiffs took over – everyone came greased up and ready to rock ‘n’ roll!
2010 Book-a-like
Fact or fiction, our favourites jumped off the page and into Larmer for the day.
2009 Movie Mania
More glamour than the Oscars, stars of the Larmer screen wowed audiences in our 2009 epic screening.
2008 Come Dancing
The moves were out and everyone came dressed to dance, be it breakdance, ballroom, ballet or line dance!
2007 AKA
Secret identities were assumed and we all became our alter-egos, that’s all we can say…
2006 My Favourite Artist
From favourite musicians to painter or sculptors, alive or departed, it was a star studded event.

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