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Art Installations

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Keep your eyes open for some spectacular site art, from the tucked away and magical to the immersive and unmissable. Look out for some extra special pieces that you can get involved with too!

Travelling Light Circus
Wander in wonder, gazing upwards at canopies of lights and delights that surprise and mesmerise! The Laurel Tunnel has been transformed into a wonderful place of discovery and play, great in the daytime and spectacular at night.

Henry Howe
Stumble across a portal to another dimension where the fundamental laws of physics are skewed and sound exists in optical form as waves of coloured light. Climb in and become part of an ever changing symphony that you control. Torus will become aware that you’re there and will love making music with you.

Travelling Light Circus
Take a peek inside a magical box to discover a kaleidoscopic world – a mesmerising reflection of all that’s around you. Will it be your loved ones, your mates or a wandering peacock that’s twisted and turned into a crazy pattern? You decide!

Also expect to see THE CHIMES by The Gypsyjam Collective, FESTIVAL FIREFLIES by Anna Lewington, FLORA GALORA by Deborah Neild, GREENMAN, GOBLIN HUT AND FALLEN CEDAR by Iain Freemantle, JOY OF A DEWY MORNING by Deborah Neild, LIGHT HEARTED by Gavin Morris, Digital Funfair, LOSTLOUNGE  by Charcoal Scenic, SKULL LUMI ARTY by Chrissy Foster, THEATRE OF SHADOWS by The Gypsyjam Collective, TREES by Steve Apelt & Vanda Taylor and TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE by Claire Williams, Hands in Song.

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